How to Clean a Fabric Chair?

erhaps, nobody likes unclean surrounding except the insane, but cleaning is always a tough and tiresome task. It becomes tougher when it comes to cleaning any fabric or carpeted stuff or area. You need to be careful in that case about several things collectively, e.g., cleaning perfection, damage risk, and overall safety etc. It means- you have to give your labor to clean and ensure enough precaution, which you would feel sometimes tough to comply with. However, here we will discuss some issues related to cleaning the chairs with fabric seats.”

How Often Should You Clean Fabric Chairs?

People used to feel good having and using an upholstered (fabric) chair or sofa. In fact, they feel cozy as these type of chairs looks clean and smart even though there is dirt, stain, or spot in the chair’s seat or other fabric areas. Actually, the boosting look of the fabric areas creates such an impact or atmosphere that you can’t see any slight stain or spot unless they are much in amount or density.

That means, for every homeowner, it’s not a very regular task to clean these type of chairs or sofas, although we suggest regular cleaner. But then after a certain time, you must have to clean the stain or dirt or spot on the cozy fabric seats/areas of your chairs. So, it’s better to get ready for that time. One thing that if you do regular cleaning, it wouldn’t be complicated to clean like what you would have to face when you clean after a long time.

However, what to do when you clean the cozy fabric chairs? Let’s go through the following paras to know a bit more about it.

Immediate Wiping Out

What we just have said that it’s better to clean the upholstered chair regularly. When it comes to clean about the stain, we strongly recommend cleaning immediately after it occurs or when it comes to your knowledge. The first thing you should do is “Blotting” which means “Wiping Out” the stains. Never do rubbing or scrubbing, ensure only the blotting.

Take a piece of clean cloth or a special piece of wiping towel (you can purchase them from near store) and mop up the split so that it doesn’t spread out. If the stain isn’t oily, you may use water only to mop, but if it’s oily, you should use dish soap with a very small amount of water. You will have a better chance to avoid the stain from spreading out and affecting wider areas which are still clean.

Vacuum Cleaning

Wiping out the stain is an occasional task when it falls on the chair, but if you want to keep your fabric chairs and sofas net & clean always, vacuuming every day is the best way to follow.

Scheduled vacuum cleaning keeps the seats and other fabrics on your chairs clean and shiny; they look pleasant and eye-soothing.

To keep them as it is, you must vacuum the chairs regularly. Never forget that the dust, different particles, and crumbs settle inside the fiber of the fabrics due to continuous use. 

specific vacuum for commercial and/or personal use is a great option for removing those dirty stuff. It can suck almost all of the embedded dirt from the fabric.

Moreover, it will prevent the grime occurred due to regular use. If the chairs get dirty and you should take a vacuum cleaner. You will love to see the chairs once you start vacuuming regularly. Please, use the vacuum cleaner very carefully and efficiently following the instructions perfectly. It can give you the best result, but wrong use can be the reason for damage of the chair fabrics.

An Important Point – Cleaning Codes and Products

There you will find a wide variety of fabric chairs. Different types of materials, e.g., cotton, wool, suede, rayon, and microfiber are used to make the seat or other fabric areas of the chairs. So, what shall be the cleaning methods and which products shall be used for cleaning the fabrics is a big thing to decide.

However, there is a solution; what you need to do is to understand the cleaning codes (the codes are on the care labels) and then use the cleaning methods and products according to the specific codes. For example, code for using water only, code for using a water-resistant product, code for vacuum only. It means you have to use the right method and products for cleaning the fabrics by understanding the fabric quality and cleaning methods to be followed.

Concluding Remarks

This is all about the basic idea on how to clean a fabric chair. You can study more if you want to know detail about every single issue we briefed here. However, if you can follow the basic ideas along with your own concern and full caution, it would be no matter to clean the cozy fabics on your chairs.

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