Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner Review

‘Cleaning a swimming pool requires specialty and precision which the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner can ensure with damn efficiency. It’s an amazing gadget that has been performing as expected since its inception. As an updated version of the previous groundbreaking Dolphin Nautilus Robotic Pool Cleaner​, it offers new features along with everything of the previous one.

Most of the users have appreciated it as an efficient and clever cleaning system. The onboard sensors (works line GPS) can make a map for optimizing its efficiency. The high-end scanning system can detect the obstacles around the pool. With its advanced technologies, the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus is one of the best robotic pool cleaners in its category currently available.  It cleans the pool thoroughly by reaching all of its corners from top to bottom without or with a minimal interruption.

Most amazingly, it starts to clean when you deploy it into your pool by measuring the size, dimensions, and condition of the pool automatically, which maximizes the amount of cleaning efficiency. We would discuss all of the later in this Dolphin Nautilus Plus Review. Before going to detail discussion, let’s check out the key facts of the Nautilus CC Plus cleaning machine.


Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Robotic Pool Vacuum Cleaner
  • 16” x 10” x 16” dimensions with 19 pounds weight
  • Can cover a pool up to 50’ length
  • Floor and walls cleaning capacity up to the  pool waterline
  • CleaverClean Technology for precise navigation
  • Superb wall climbing and scrubbing mechanism
  • Updated streamlined body design that enabling easier filter access
  • 2 different filters for large and small debris collection
  • Active Brush with a capacity to spin two times faster than the machine
  • Added 2 Rotating Brushes
  • Faster water release mechanism
  • Built-in Anti-Angle Algorithms for prevention of cable sticking
  • Energy saving weekly timers
  • Only 2-hour cleaning cycle
  • Only 2-hour cleaning cycle

  • Fast Smooth and Aggressive
  • Wide area of cleaning coverage
  • Quick cleaning cycle (2 hours only)
  • Brilliancy at cleaning pool walls and irregular surfaces
  • Precise navigation throughout the pool
  • Smartness on bacteria and algae removal
  • Stuck-on dirt removal efficiency
  • Comfortable machine to handle and clean
  • Easy to lift machine from the pool water
  • Nearly free from cable sticking
  • Energy saving robot cleaner
  • Easy to setup and use, no other connection required
  • Great value for the money

  • Doesn’t scrub waterline
  • Sometimes faces problem to collect large debris such as leaves
  • Swivel Power Connector is weak and it leaked in a few cases
  • It performs comparatively weak for any the area more than 30 feet
  • The timer may do malfunction sometimes
  • Floats above the bottom and misses debris, though not a common case

Key Findings of the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Review – Why Should You Buy It?

We considered every possible fact and feature, including, but not limited to, cleaning precision, area coverage, cleaning cycle duration, mapping, scrubbing, filtration & dirt collection, updated technology, price, and user response of the Dolphin Nautilus CC Automatic Pool Cleaner when reviewing it. We are completely satisfied with the unit. If you own a Nautilus CC Plus, you won’t lose.

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Robotic Pool Vacuum Cleaner

Let’s check why you should buy it

Clever Clean Technology

The Clever Clean Scanning System included in the Nautilus CC Plus is an amazing feature. It controls the onboard sensors that scan the whole pool and figure out the best possible and fastest way to move and run the entire pool. To do so, it measures the size, dimensions, and condition of the pool immediately after you deploy it into the pool.

Dolphin Nautilus Plus with CleverClean technology cleans thoroughly from top to bottom (pool walls and in-ground pool floor) of the pool by a map fixed by the onboard sensors, which act more likely a GPS. Although it can cover up to 50 feet within 2 hours of cleaning cycles, we watched it best functioning at 30 feet in 2 hours.

The more it would do is to sensing the obstacles on its way of cleaning under the pool or the pool walls. Thus, the machine can avoid them and return to a smooth way optimized by itself without any manual input of a person, which makes the cleaning task hassle-free and fast.

Double Layer Filtration

It comes with two different layers of filtration- one for larger debris and another for smaller debris. The filter is easy to access and comes with ultra-fine cartridge and mesh screen for large debris. It’s significant because most of the pool cleaners used to catch both debris (small and large) together and accumulate those without separation in a single filter. It takes larger time to clean them compared to the Nautilus CC double-layer filters. Moreover, it can return to the cleaning route faster again and again for the faster filter cleaning. It comes with 2 Rotating Brushes that makes the dirt lifting fast and precise

No Booster Ramp or Hose

It requires no hose or booster ramp and it comes with an anti-tangle swivel cable technology. It doesn’t come with a hose because the CC Plus doesn’t require it, in fact. Instead, the superior anti-tangle software makes the job done. It ensures interruption free and faster movement of the cleaner. It reduces the cleaning complication and boosts up the machine’s capacity to clean. If it were adorned with such hose, it would have been slow and less efficient under the pool.

360-Degree Suction

Like the previous Dolphin Nautilus Robotic Pool Cleaner, it features a 360-degree suction. That means it sucks a larger amount of water than most other robotic cleaners produced by different brands. An interesting added feature is that you need 30% less backwash than the previous model, which will definitely offer you some more benefits. Overall, you will need to provide less amount of chemicals into the pool water for the brilliant service of this high-end cleaning machine.

Energy Efficient and Ease of Use

It’s 8 times more efficient and energy saving than the regular pressure cleaners and/or suction cleaners. By cutting down the energy use, it saves your money continuously in every pool cleaning session throughout its lifetime. With the single-use button, it makes things easier to use the unit. The Dolphin CC Plus will work inside the pool for you even when you play outside.

Price and User Responses

For a robotic pool cleaner, the price of Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus is fair; if you compare other machines of this category, you will get it. In fact, in our observation, for such a beautiful and efficient automated product, you can easily invest something around a thousand bucks.

When it comes to user certification, it’s been impressive. Although around 15% of users have stated their dissatisfaction about the product, we are still amused that over 80% of users have expressed their satisfaction with it. Actually, for any type of robotic machine or gadget (not only the pool cleaner), receiving more than 80% of users’ certification is a big achievement for the product. Watching most of the dolphin pool cleaner reviews, you can tell it a user-choice without hesitation.

Flaws – What You Should Consider

We have stated some of its common and potential flaws and/or user complaints previously on the top of this content. Here we will dissect them instead of adding unnecessary points.

  • It’s true that it faces problem to scrub the waterline.
  • There are a very few high-end robotic pool cleaners that catch the large and small debris differently. But we still expect more update as regards the CC Plus’s capacity to collect large debris such as leaves.
  • The Swivel Power Connector is one of the greatest features in it and most probably in any other robotic pool cleaner. But, it’s weak and gets leaked sometime, which should have been upgraded.
  • No doubt it can cover a larger area, but the performance becomes weaker when it starts to clean any area crossing 30 feet. It’s super till 30 feet and finishes its task within 2 hours, but weak when crosses the area line.
  • It’s true that the timer may do malfunction sometimes.
  • We didn’t find but still, some of its users have complained that it floats above the bottom and misses debris.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Leave My Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus in the Pool When Not in Use?

Maytronics, the manufacturer, did not forbid leaving it in the pool water when not in operation. Experts did also accept leaving it unused under the pool water. As far as we inspected, there was no negative impact, when it was kept in the water or at any time later, on the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus. But we still think it should not be kept in the water for a long time without use. And, of course, you should keep the Nautilus CC Plus out of the pool before adding chemicals to water and until reaching the recommended level of PH ( 7.0 to 7.8), Chlorine (4-ppm maximum), and NaCl or salt (5000-ppm).

How to Operate the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus?

As your Dolphin will come with a user manual, so the best way to get the answer is to follow the manual. However, for your convenience and information in advance, we include the key steps to operate your Nautilus CC Plus-

  1. Straighten the Power Cord
  2. Connect Power Supply (Plug into the Power Outlet)
  3. Soak all Brushes
  4. Place the Dolphin into Pool
  5. Turn on Power and Release it
  6. Floor and Wall Cleaning
  7. Check Performance, Remove Debris, and Run Again
  8. Shut Down after Cleaning
  9. Retrieve the Robot
  10. Remove it from Pool
  11. Drain it Perfectly
  12. Clean and Store Accurately.

How Do You Store the Nautilus Dolphin?

When your Dolphin is going to be unused for weeks or months, you should stow the unit carefully. Get it disconnected from the power supply, and drain it properly. Remove the filter bags, and reinsert those after cleaning. Avoid kinks and roll up the cable. Finally, store the automatic vacuum cleaner under a shelter. Make sure the storage area is out of direct sunshine, frost or rain. The storing temperature should not be less than 41-degree and more than 113-degree Fahrenheit.

Why My Dolphin Nautilus is Moving Slowly?

When you find your Nautilus moving slowly, check the filter or pump basket. A dirty filter or clogged pump basket is the primary reason for its sluggish performance. Secondarily, you should check if there is any hole or sucking air in the hose. The filter pump drawn by air could reduce the water flow that makes the cleaner slow.

Why Does My Dolphin Pool Cleaner Go in Circles?

Some users have reported that their Nautilus CC Plus is going circles or getting stuck! It is maybe because of its 24/7 stay inside the pool. There may be some technical errors too. Bring it out of the pool; drain and clean properly; hopefully, you’ll get it acting normal. If you still find the problem, consult with the Maytronics or any pool cleaner expert. 

How Do I Clean My Dolphin Filter?

The most important step in maintaining a pool vacuum cleaner is to keep its dirt filter clean and effective at all times. But it is not always easy, rather difficult and sometimes annoying. Still, you have to do the task properly. 

When it comes to cleaning the dirt filter or cartridge of your Dolphin automatic pool cleaner, remember you should do it once after every cleaning cycle if the pool is comparatively clean. But you will be required to do the cleaning task every 1 or 2 hours until the cycle is done. 

Start with cleaning large debris using a net. Turn back the cleaner and unlock the cartridge assembly by rotating the yellow tabs clockwise. Straightly lift the cartridge out of the cleaner’s body. 

In the same way, Turn back the cartridge assembly and release four panels in it by rotating the locks located on top of the panel clockwise. Use a powerful garden hose and spray all panels to remove all debris. 

Once you get them properly cleaned, replace the panels inside the cartridge assembly. Reinsert the cleaned filter or cartridge inside the cleaner body. Lock properly in both tasks. 

Finally, turn the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus upside down, and check if there is any debris in the impeller. If you notice so, unscrew the cover and lift it off to clean the impeller. Remove all debris there and screw the cover again. 

The total process may take some time for the first few tries, and later it will be quicker.

How many years may it live?

It’s a tricky question and the answer is relative which depends on several facts such as use, maintenance, pool length. We noticed that it performs really well throughout the warranty period. The amount of returned cleaner for servicing is not that much significant.

Can you use it in any of the standard voltage available in different areas of the world?

You can use it at any voltage ranging from 100 volts to 240 volts. That means you can use it worldwide.

Can you use it on the above ground of your pool?

Although the Dolphin pool cleaner manual directs it not to use it on the above ground cleaning of your pool, we don’t see any significant danger if you do that. You can try but stop if anything negative comes in a result.

Concluding Remarks

The manufacturer “Maytronics” has given its best effort to produce a symbol of excellence in pool cleaning. So far we observed, they have been more or less successful. The Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner is one of the easy to use and best-performing robotic pool cleaners available out there. It may cost a couple of hundred bucks but gives the best value for the money. So, overall a highly-recommended robotic pool cleaner.

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