Is It Ok to Paint Pressure Treated Wood?

Did you see any wood structure with a brown or green surface resulting from pressure-treatment? You may not like the look and keep asking yourself, is it ok to paint pressure treated wood? 

Yes, but the answer comes with a complication caused by the treatment that it goes during the procedure. You need to put various things into considerations to prepare the wood before you get the paint and paintbrush in addition to the right kind of paint to make this work succeed.

What is Pressure-Treatment?

Pressure-treated wood is a wood that is dipped in a liquid preservative and placed in a pressure chamber to make the chemicals penetrate deeply into the forest. It is very effective compared to soaking the wood in the compound. The most widely used chemicals are chromated copper arsenate (CCA) and alkaline copper quat, or ACQ, but CCA was dropped due to the environmental implications. The level of protection provided by the chemical is directly proportional to the amount of compound that the wood absorbs. When you paint or pour resin on the wood before it is entirely ready is just a waste of time.

For proper succeeding in this project, follow the following procedure.

STEP 1: Clean the wood

Before anything else, the wood must be clean to ensure it is not contaminated for successful treatment. Allow the wood to dry when you are done cleaning.

STEP 2: Let the wood dry

Here, you ask yourself when the wood is ready? It may take weeks or even more than a month after cleaning based on its type. To establish whether the wood is ready, sprinkle some water on it, and if water soaks, then it is painted. If the water moves in the up or down direction, you need to give it more time to dry up. It is advisable to buy pressure-treated wood that has been dried as it saves a considerable amount of time.

STEP 3: Apply the paint

Once you are sure that the wood is completely dry, you can now embark on printing the wood. Ensure that the manufacturer has stated that the paint is appropriate on pressure-treated wood.

STEP 4: Apply two layers of paint.

After the wood is primed and gives it considerable time to dry up, move on, and apply a top coating and prefer latex paint as it performs much better.

With such information, it is clear whether it is ok to paint pressure treated wood, the question is well answered, and you can now go ahead using the procedure to make your furniture look better.

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