Best Wood Screws for Plywood – All Softwood Solution!

Plywood is one of the finest wood variations created by humans, and the most amazing fact about this engineered wood is it has several layers joined together using glue. The technology behind this is simple – pressing multiple layers against each other until it forms a thin board and maintains impressive strength.

You may get tempted now to use plywood in your projects, but there is some other stuff to know. While nails are usually the first priority to perform any plywood works, you need to know that normal nails are not the best choice for plywood softness. Wood screws are something you should consider at the moment. The best wood screws for plywood, like the Kreg SML-C125-500, help you drill the plywood without creating any comfortably between them.

Best Wood Screws for Plywood

1. Kreg SML-C125-500 Washer Head Self Tapping Screw

Kreg SML-C125-500 Washer Head Self Tapping Screw

Kreg zinc screws are the first thing that comes into any professional woodworkers’ mind when the topic is about wood screws. It is a good choice for everyone who loves to do wide ranges of indoor wood projects that are limited exposure to the harsh outer elements. 


The whole structure is made up of zinc material that provides adequate rust protection and more durable than stainless steel. It is available in two types of fine and coarse threads that match the ability of screw holding and suitable for all kinds of wood. 

Best features:

The self-tapping auger tips work amazingly with plywood. The hole screws protect over driving through the pocket bottoms. Steel shank creates a durable screw length that is best for joining, and it is large in diameter. 

What are the downsides?

Some customers are annoyed with the shiny looks of this screw. They also do not work much well with Phillips screwdrivers.

2. Kreg SML-C250-50 Washer-Head Pocket Screws

Kreg SML-C250-50 Washer-Head Pocket Screws

Kreg washer head screw comes in the second position on our list. Kreg coarse pocket screws are designed in different sizes, head styles, quantities, and thread options. They are great for various applications and hold pieces of wood in one place. 


Made of Zinc and nearly free from corrosion. Strong and durable enough to solve your drilling troubles, particularly for plywood or other softwood works, e.g., cabinets, drawers, particle boards, and other DIY projects. But, considering the construction, it is wise not to apply them for hardwood or similar stuff.

Best features:

It gives you better performance compared to old zinc material screws. The compact size will allow you to fit it through tight spaces, and you can simply carry it anywhere inside your toolbox. The versatile design is best for outdoor and indoor projects. 

What are the downsides?

One of the customers who bought it previously is complaining about the less number of screws received. Other than that, you do not have to think much before investing in this product.

3. Bolt Dropper Flat Head Phillips Wood Screw

Bolt dropper flat wood screws are perfect grabber screws for plywood works. Stainless steel made screws are quite strong, durable, and rust-resistant. The black xylan provides you an outstanding performance to protect and keep your wooden projects throughout a long time.


In addition to the outer-coating with xylan material, the whole screw body is built from stainless steel, as hinted in the previous para. The marine-grade stainless steel is solid, strong, and standard when it comes to quality, while the extra layer of black xylan ensures good corrosion resistance. 

Best features:

It perfectly provides a flush finished look and excellent for decking, cabinets, and other applications. The plastic alloy coating is best for the plywood material. IT withstand chemicals, extreme temperatures, and critical components.

What are the downsides?

There are few flawed screws in the whole set due to manufacturer defect. The flat head screws do not fit with h any screwdriver.

4. Kreg SK03 Pocket-Hole Screw Kit

When you are building a wood project, there are certain things you need to take care of to do it perfectly. Especially when it comes to drilling screws, they get stuck in between the materials that might bring you big trouble. Then comes to your rescue: Kreg pocket hole screw kit, which you can use with confidence and ease.


The flat bottom head is designed firmly to fit into the pocket hold. The threads of Kreg screws get drilled quickly, and the threaded portion grabs onto the wood piece while you are drilling it inside the workplace while the other part of the screws glides freely out from the wood without damaging it.

Best features:

Do you know what the interesting part of this product is? It contains 675 strong screws that are ready to take care of your plywood. The self-tapping screws are pocket friendly and don’t weigh much. The durable case is easy to carry around, and you can take it anywhere. 

What are the downsides?

The square drives don’t fit into the screws. You need to be a bit careful and take the required precautions while driving it into thin plywood. 

5. Hard-to-Find Fastener Phillips Wood Screws

If you are looking for gorilla screws for your plywood, then hard to find fasteners make a good choice. The Philip head of these wood screws drives well on plywood, fiberboard, and even dense wood surfaces. 


The flat head screws are made of steel to give a fresh look to smooth surfaces. The twin fast threading of the screws gives enough grip to hold the wood well. You can get these lightweight screws available in the diameters of both eight and ten. 

Best features:

The black phosphate finish and the steel of the gorilla screws for plywood are rust-resistant. They also come in different diameters, sizes, and lengths to match the wood. The head and the tip are strong to flush into the wood.

What are the downsides?

Most of the customers find these screws start rusting when used for outdoors. But for indoor use, they are the perfect choice that you can go with. 

6. Hillman Power Pro 48611 Premium Wood Screws

The Hillman premium screws come with the features that suit well for your outdoor projects and popular as the best screws for plywood cabinets. The head, shaft, and threads of the Hickman screws are a bit different from other brands. Thus, offer less splitting and greater holding to the wood. 

The construction:

The screws are designed with the star head drive to add flexibility and provide greater torque while driving into the wood. Whereas the sharp tip and the threads are quite strong enough to point and hold the joints well. 

Best features:

The bronze coating of the screws prevents corrosion and gives long life to the screws. The sharp tip can easily target the position and also avoids pre-drilling. Finally, the head and the threads are quite efficient to drive smoothly into the wood surfaces. Thus, these serve as the best screws for plywood cabinets.

What are the downsides sides?

Nothing to worry about these screws but one! You should avoid pretty drilling before use. Because the tip is quite sharp to drive into the surface. 

7. Rok Hardware Truss Head Wood Screws

The Rock hardware truss head screws is another brand available in the market that you will surely fall in love with. The installation is also quite simple. Especially for the drawers slides, these screws do a fantastic job. 


The Rock screws are made of steel and coated with zinc. The truss head if these screws are a bit fat and the threads are strong. The screws come with a diameter of eight and a half-inch lengths.

Best Features:

The most likely part of the screws is the zinc finishing, which prevents the screws from corrosion. These short sized screws easily drive into the wood with less effort. Thus suitable to all the wooden works. 

What are the downsides?

These screws are a bit difficult in targeting. But once if you place it in the correct position, your job is almost done. 

8. BLUELEC Anti-Oxidative Finish Wood Screws

The best small screws with extraordinary features are the Bluelec antioxidative wood screws. These are the most popular tiny screws widely used in all woodworks. The thickness, sturdiness, and flexibility make all the customers love the brand. 


The screws are fully threaded with the flathead. You can easily drive the screw using a Philip driver, and the top is quite sharp to head into any surface. These are made of iron and coated with the antique style antioxidative. 

Best features:

The screws are available in different lengths and different colors to match the color of the plywood. They are convenient to use and go well on plastic surfaces, wood, and other soft metals. Highly convenient to use. 

What are the downsides?

The most regretting part of these screws is they are mild resistive to corrosion. So, you have to use them for indoor purposes and put them in a safe place. 

Use of Plywood

Use of Plywood

Plywood material has impressive strength and can withstand heavyweights. For example, a plywood piece that is 3/4 inch thick and 14×42 inches size can easily hold up to 50-60 lbs with ease. You can use plywood on roofs to provide extra strength, and it has a power that is inversely proportional to its thickness. 

Can You Put Screws into Plywood?

Screws are always a better choice when you are working on plywood. The best screws for plywood will definitely help you to drill the nails without any trouble and causing damage to the wood.

What Kind of Screws is Best for Plywood?

There is a certain type of texture and construction for the wood screw to drive deep into the plywood blocks. If you are worried about what screws to use on plywood, then you should know that the products listed above are the best ones for all your plywood needs. 

Best Brands for Plywood or Softwood Screws

After doing overall research on various screws available in the marketplace, Kregs, blot dropper, Hillimap, Phillips comes in my mind every time I hear this question. Along with the good quality, all these screws are easy to drive into the wood and takes less time to do it efficiently. 

Things to Look for When Getting Plywood Screws

Things to Look for When Getting Plywood Screws

Before choosing any product related to wood, you need to consider many things, as these will help increase the lifetime of the woodwork. 


Plywood screws are made up of numerous materials such as brass, steel, bronze, and aluminum. Most of the screws are usually made up of steel material, as they last for a long time. It shows good performance for indoor and outdoor wood projects. They also provide good strength and easy to work with.


There are various types of wood screws build from different materials. Drywall screws, self-drilling screws, and tapered screws are the types of screws designed to make your work easier and handle higher stress and withstanding. 


The thread is a spiral encompassing part of a screw that enables it to self drill into the wood. Usually, coarse threads are used for the plywood works rather than fine threads as they hold the bond strongly.


Can I Use Drywall Screws on Plywood?

While drywall screws are designed with many kinds of advantages, it is always better to use wood screws made with softer elements when it comes to working on plywood. The drywall screws contain harder steel elements that are likely to damage the plywood planks.

What Size Screws 3/4 Plywood?

The correct size, gauge, and length determine the strength and connection of woodwork projects. For roof nailing, 3/4 screws are used for plywood works. This size is ideal as the thickness of plywood material is less compared to normal wood. 

What Screws Should I Use For Plywood Subfloor?

For example, if the plywood subfloor is 3/4 inches in thickness, it needs at least 2 inches to screw to dig it. A thicker subfloor needs three inches screw. 

How Deep Should Screws Go into Plywood?

While screwing into plywood, you might be thinking how deep can screws usually go into the plywood to keep it safe in place. The answer to this question depends on the thickness of the plywood and the wood screws’ length. 

What’s the Best Threaded Insert for Plywood?

When it comes to discussing best-threaded inserts, you need to know that E-Z Lok Threaded Insert is the best choice. This threaded insert features exceptional holding power in the plywood.

Concluding Remarks

So, here are the best wood screws for plywood. Woodworks need top quality tools to keep the wood safe and durable for a long time. Doing wood related projects is a fun part, but you need to take extra care and precautions. 

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