Best Multimeter Brands – See Which One Is Right For You

In this article, we’ll do an in-depth analysis of the eight best multimeter brands.

During the last few decades, we’ve seen a great saturation in the brands manufacturing multimeters, and with the passage of time, most of the brands have significantly dropped their prices just to stay in the competition!

In this article, we’ve listed the eight best multimeter brands that are leading the market these days. Each brand manufactures multiple models of a multimeter. Thus, you’ll have the flexibility to choose the right multimeter for your needs.

We’ll explain the ins and outs of these brands to make the choice simpler for you. Every brand will be suited for which area of application, which will be explained in detail.

So, without further ado, let’s find out which multimeter brand would be most suited for you!

Here is the list of the top 8 best multimeter brands out there on the market that are well-known for a specific area of operation!

List of the Top 8 Best Multimeter Brands

1. Fluke Multimeter

Fluke Multimeter

Fluke is a pretty reputed multimeter brand, started in 1948 by Jhon Fluke and well-known for its most advanced industrial multimeter. It is highly loved by professional electricians due to its reliability, durability, and high precision.

What do we like about it?

  1. When it comes to measurement precision and accuracy, no other multimeter brand can come close to Fluke. That’s one of the reasons why it is preferred by professional technicians.
  2. The overall construction of nearly all multimeters manufactured by Fluke is pretty robust. They can easily withstand jobsite abuse and high altitude drops as they are designed accordingly. Thus, undoubtedly, they will last a long time.
  3. Fluke multimeters are suitable for long work hours in industries, and thanks to their advanced functions, you can not only perform advanced troubleshooting but also record, save, and share the measured data with fellow technicians.
  4. Many industrial multimeters fail when it comes to troubleshooting the power distribution. That isn’t the case with Fluke. Most of its units, being CAT-IV rated, are eligible for use in high-power applications.
  5. Fluke covers a wide range of applications, including troubleshooting HVAC appliances, automotive fault diagnosis, and various other residential and commercial operations. You won’t find a few of the advanced functions in any multimeter brand other than Fluke.
  6. Fluke ensures the safety of its customers. So, with good protection, both on the input circuits and the outer body, fluke multimeters are risk-free to use. Lastly, you’ll love the ergonomics of any Fluke multimeter you choose!

What do we dislike about it?

  1. It’s true that Fluke multimeters are highly reliable, but they are pretty expensive in comparison with units produced by other multimeter brands!
  2. Not all Fluke multimeters come with a lifetime warranty. Thus, spending a good amount of money on a product with a 2-year warranty would be riskier.

You should only go for Fluke multimeters if you are a professional electrician and are going to use them in the industry. Otherwise, spending a lot of money just to do a basic level of home testing won’t be a wise decision!

2. Amprobe Multimeter

Just like Fluke Corporation, Amprobe started its operation in 1948 as a Pyramid Instrument Company. Although it manufactures multimeters for multiple purposes, it is best known for its amazing clamp meters for electrical troubleshooting. So one can say it’s the best multimeter brand for electrical work.

What do we like about it?

  1. The first and most important element about Amprobe is its low-cost multimeters, which are pretty affordable even for beginners with a very tight budget.
  2. One can’t expect its accuracy to perfectly match that of Fluke, but still, it is reasonable enough to easily rely on the measurements taken with it.
  3. Few of the Amprobe multimeters display measurements in more than one unit, like in the case of temperature, which is shown both in Celsius and Fahrenheit. Thus, you’ll have more flexibility in taking the readings.
  4. Nearly all Amprobe multimeters have a thick digital display that is pretty easy to read. Thus, you can read and analyze the data pretty quickly with these units.
  5. Amprobes provide good input protection to circuits against overloading. Moreover, their outer casing is made up of a robust material that can effectively bear the abuse of the job site. Thus, Amprobe multimeters would last a long time.
  6. Amprobe designs multimeters for a wide range of applications, including HVAC, home, workshop, and basic automotive testing. However, as mentioned earlier, it’s especially known for its budget-friendly units, which makes this brand most suitable for beginners.

What do we dislike about it?

  1. One element that we dislike about Amprobe is its slightly slow response. That’s not the case with all multimeter units, but a few of its below-$50 products lag in this area.
  2. There are a few Amprobe products that are suitable for industrial use, but they are also pretty expensive.

As mentioned earlier, Amprobe manufactures multimeters for almost all kinds of electrical troubleshooting. So, choose the unit wisely by taking into consideration the specific area of its application.

3. Klein Tools Multimeter

Klein Tools Multimeter

Mathias Klein, a well-known name in the industry, started Klein Tools in mid-1857. It’s been functional for one and a half centuries, so one can trust its products. The thing that I personally like about Klein Tools is that its low-cost multimeters have advanced functions that are absent even in the higher-priced meters of other brands!

What do we like about it?

  1. Klein meters are best known for their fast response, which greatly cuts down the overall testing time, especially when we have to test a single unit at different settings.
  2. It’s equipped with many advanced features, and it’s inexpensive at the same time. Thus, a perfect combo makes its products suitable for people with pretty tight budgets.
  3. Advanced functions don’t mean a complex interface that is difficult to understand for an average person. Its buttons are nicely aligned to make sure even beginners can operate the unit with great ease!
  4. Just like other multimeter brands, Klein also doesn’t compromise on the safety of both the multimeter and the user. With their input overload protection and strong outer casing, expect Klein multimeters to stay with you for a long time!
  5. Even at an extremely low price, Klein ships a beautiful carrying case with nearly all of its multimeters that makes it easy for the user to handle the multimeter during testing!
  6. Klein designs its products for a variety of purposes, but if you take my opinion, it’s the perfect product for home and lab use!

What do we dislike about it?

  1. Most of its units lack basic design elements like a magnetic hanger and mounting strap. Thus, either you’ll have to spend extra money buying those or do your job without them.

If you are a beginner who is just getting started, my recommendation would be to go with the Klein multimeter, as it’s a single unit that has all the necessary functions that you would need in the beginning. Thus, Klein can be considered the best multimeter brand for beginners. Its multimeters would not only last long but would also maintain their accuracy and precision throughout their life span!

4. Extech Multimeter

Extech is another popular multimeter brand that started its operation in 1971. It manufactures a wide range of handheld electronic testing tools. Extech allocates a good budget for research and development, which is one of the reasons why we see continuous improvements in its products.

What do we like about it?

  1. Extech products are best suited for HVAC troubleshooting, especially since its EX 330 model comes with a wide range of advanced features, including temperature measurement capability.
    1. Extech has very professional customer support that is pretty responsive, and you can get your problem solved within 24 hours. Moreover, it comes with a fully explained instruction manual that even beginners can understand without any hustle!
    2. Although every multimeter has a strong outer casing, It protects the unit against any kind of job site abuse. Moreover, its impact-resistant casings can withstand high-altitude drops without breaking. Thus, its units are long-lasting!
    3. One can’t ignore the fact that Extech entertains all kinds of customers with its variety of models, whether they’re automotive mechanics, HVAC technicians, lab engineers, or beginner hobbyists!
    4. Many multimeters lack a few handy features that help in the maintenance of multimeters. The low battery indicator is one of those. Thus, in almost all Extech models, you’ll get an early heads-up for battery replacement.
    5. You’ll find a few multimeters whose testing leads are short and loose, which is a pain in the head for most technicians. Worry not; you won’t have to face this issue with Extech meters, thanks to the well-rated probes and cables that come with its products.

What do we dislike about it?

  1. The more advanced functions an Extech multimeter has, the more expensive it’ll get. Thus, its highly advanced units are not suitable for beginners.
  2. One more thing that needs improvement is the screen on Extech multimeters. You’ll have to take great care of it. Otherwise, you’ll see scratches all over after a few weeks of use.

So the question of which Extech multimeters are best for which types of applications is difficult to answer. Every model is best in a specific area, and one can choose it according to his requirements and budget. However, being a highly reputable brand with a good track record, you can clearly go for any of its multimeters with full confidence!

5. Innova Digital Multimeter

Whenever I see the Innova tag on any multimeter, the first thing that hits my mind is its low price. Yes, nearly all Innova multimeters are pretty cheap, and it’s the most budget-friendly multimeter brand. Thus, even beginners have access to all of its models. Three of its models are very popular, especially among automotive technicians, thanks to the integration of a few features like dwell and rpm measurement capability, which are missing in most high-end multimeters.

What do we like about it?

  1. By adding rubber corner guards, Innova provides additional drop protection to its meters. Thus, the unit will remain intact even if it falls from your hands while testing your car’s engine.
  2. Testing the car batteries or the batteries of any other appliance with great precision is what Innova is best known for. You can instantly inspect car batteries and replace them on time.
  3. Dwell angle and rpm measurement functionality isn’t available in most of the multimeter units. That’s not the case with Innova. These features would prove handy while testing automotive and HVAC appliances at home.
  4. Although Innova can’t handle high transient voltages, that doesn’t make it safe. With its internal fuses and rubber holster protection, it is also safe to use a multimeter. Just don’t use high-voltage connections.
  5. Although we have discussed it earlier, just to emphasize, the Innova product is way cheaper than one can expect. Selling a product with advanced features for less  is what many multimeter brands fail to provide!
  6. Another loveable aspect of Innova is its professional and responsive customer support team. They solve all problems instantly and remain available all the time.

What do we dislike about it?

  1. Innova multimeters, not being CAT IV safety-rated, aren’t suitable for any type of testing involving high power. Thus, it won’t be safe to perform residential or commercial electrical diagnoses with this unit.
  2. Another element that I highly dislike about Innova is its very limited warranty. All of its products come with a 1- to 2-year warranty, which makes it less trustworthy than other brands offering a lifetime warranty.

People who don’t want to invest in expensive automotive testing tools can get the Innova 3340, which would help them not only in automotive testing but in basic HVAC troubleshooting as well. Additionally, one can use it for basic home testing, but one can’t consider competing with Klein Tools’ products when it comes to household troubleshooting!

6. Mastech Digital Multimeter

Mastech is another well-known brand that produces different types of electronics testing tools. Its products are especially known for their durability. The company itself started its operations in the late 20th century, and most of its manufacturing units are located in China. China-based manufacturing doesn’t mean low-quality products. In fact, it’s because of the low labor costs there that it ultimately helps lower the cost of the overall product. That’s why Mastech multimeters, despite being highly advanced, come at a minimal price!

What do we like about it?

  1. Mastech MS8229 is one of the models produced by Mastech that equips light, sound, and humidity sensors. You won’t find these features in 90% of multimeters from other brands!
  2. The measurements taken by Mastech multimeters would lead you to the right troubleshooting, thanks to their precision and accuracy!
  3. The addition of backside lead holders is another element that makes the handling of probes easier. These also act very handily in overall measurement as they allow the technician to fix one lead in the holder to perform single-handed troubleshooting.
  4. Mastech multimeters have a good reputation for their long-lasting batteries. This feature gives its unit an edge over other multimeters with very limited battery life.
  5. You’ll also love the interface of Mastech multimeters. Each button located at the right distance greatly enhances the user experience. Moreover, beginners also quickly get used to it!
  6. High-end safety and a bright digital display are two more features that make Mastech a more reliable multimeter unit.

What do we dislike about it?

  1. The only thing that I personally dislike about Mastech multimeters is their slow response. It happens occasionally, especially when the battery is about to expire, but it can really give you a hard time. Still, it’s one of the best multimeter brands on the market.

With all the features required for the home inspection, including the temperature sensor, sound, and light measurement capabilities, Mastech units are most suitable for household use. Moreover, Mastech multimeters are also suitable for commercial-level jobs.

7. KAIWEETS Digital Multimeter

Kaiweets is another popular multimeter brand that is especially known for its high-end safety and budget-friendly units. Most of its units are priced under $100, which is one of the reasons why beginners fall in love with it.

What do we like about it?

  1. Kaiweets multimeters aren’t limited to just one area of application, which is the case with many multimeter brands. You can use the single unit for all kinds of operations that you can name!
    1. Kaiweets especially cares about the safety of its customers. With a good layer of overload input protection along with anti-burn, all-round insulation, and a silicon casing, kaiweets provide the safest operation. In fact, it is a RoHS-certified unit!
    2. Thanks to its high-end sensitivity, you’ll also love the fast response rate of this unit. This will not only ensure accuracy but also greatly reduce the overall inspection time.
    3. The elegant design with a knurled surface that perfectly fits into the hand makes it easy for the technician to perform his duty on his own.
    4. Kaiweets multimeters are preferable for home use, as with their non-contact voltage detection ability, you can instantly identify the voltage disconnection, even behind the walls.
    5. The wide digital display is another applaudable feature that most technicians love, especially those with weak eyesight. The thick digits are pretty easy to read, even in dark areas!

What do we dislike about it?

  1. Kaiweets multimeters are a bit heavy in weight in comparison with multimeters of other best multimeter brands, but without any doubt, they are safer than most of the brands out there.
  2. You may have to spend some extra bucks on a carrying case or to fit the unit in your tool kit, as Kaiweets meters don’t come with any carrying cases.

In a nutshell, Kaiweets is equally beneficial for homeowners and beginner electricians. However, one can’t consider it a good buy for professional electricians, especially those interested in getting this unit for industrial inspection. Still, for medium-level commercial and residential troubleshooting, it is one of the best multimeter brands you should consider!

8. Tacklife Digital Multimeter

Honestly speaking, you would be greatly impressed by the amazing list of features that Tacklife multimeters have. A surprising fact for you would be that they have one of the cheapest prices and high-end specifications that most of the expensive units fail to provide.

What do we like about it?

  1. Before anything else, there is the high sensitivity of its non-contact voltage detector, which is one of the most frequently used tools in home and commercial troubleshooting. Professional electricians would simply love it!
    1. The addition of temperature measurement makes Tacklife products suitable for HVAC inspection, but bear in mind that the humidity sensor isn’t there, so go for a Masteck multimeter if you are dedicatedly buying the unit for HVAC inspection!
    2. Tacklife multimeters can be used for industrial inspection, and as stated by them, they’re the right product for testing power lines and main commercial feeds. Still, my recommendation would be to go for Fluke if you are interested in any kind of professional work!
    3. Just like a few other top multimeter brands, Kaiweets multimeters have a pretty clean interface that is easy to understand. You’ll also love the smoothness of the rotary switch.
    4. Tacklife follows the “Safety comes first” slogan. Thus, its products are risk-free to use and highly reliable. Moreover, one can admire the level of accuracy and precision in its measurements. Thus, a trustable tool to go for, as most of its products are CAT IV and CAT III certified!

What do we dislike about it?

  1. Testing probes and leads from Tacklife are a bit lousy and of poor quality. So, managing them could give you a hard time!
  2. After a few years of use, you might see some inconsistencies in the readings. So, you’ll have to perform calibration at least once a year to avoid this problem.

Tacklife multimeters are trustworthy and reliable, especially with the high-end safety that they provide. Being multi-purpose meters, buying their unit would help you perform all kinds of electrical testing. Still, it would be most suitable for a home inspection!


How do I choose a good multimeter?

The only thing that you would have to keep in mind while choosing a good multimeter is your intended purpose for buying it. A highly advanced multimeter might lack a few features that you would need in your testing, and the possibility is that you won’t use a few of its functions in your entire life, for which you have paid a high price. Apart from that, go for a reputable brand that offers a good warranty and has a good track record!

Which multimeter brand is the best?

The answer to this question also depends on your requirements. Every best multimeter brand is reputable for its products in a specific domain, as we have explained in detail in this article. So, carefully analyze and compare the features of various multimeters manufactured by different brands to filter out the best one for you!

What is the best multimeter brand for electricians?

There are plenty of brands dedicatedly manufacturing multimeters for electricians, but if you want to take my opinion on this as a professional electrician, I would recommend you go for Klein Tools, Kaiweets, or Fluke multimeters. Firstly, they have a good track record, making them more trustworthy and reliable. Secondly, they keep a special check on the safety of users, so you would be able to perform a risk-free operation!

Are Fluke multimeters a good buy?

Fluke multimeters are one of the most advanced units that you will find on the market. Their top-notch features like data recording capability, live data sharing, infrared temperature measurement, and many other amazing functionalities aren’t available in the multimeters of any other brand. However, they are highly effective for industrial use, not for household or basic lab testing, as you would be spending a ton of money for features you aren’t going to use in the long run!

Final Thoughts!

At this point, it should be clear to you that not every brand is suitable for every customer. So, one must do due diligence before finalizing the product!

We have done our part by suggesting the 8 best multimeter brands and the areas of application for which they are well-known to make the choice easier for you.

Now, you would be in a position to choose the multimeter brand on your own, taking into consideration your requirements and budget.

Happy Testing!

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